Vasif Talibov,

Speaker of the

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 

A Great Savior

       Heydar Aliyev’s Return to an active politics came about a period when a great public figure having ever been with his people could not stop him from speaking…

       The years of 1990-1993 brought into the active political scene the factors of mutual actions between Heydar Aliyev, trying to reach Azerbaijan realities to the world community, when Azerbaijan was put on a “sale” and its existence was brought to the edges of calamity. Namely during this period – when Azerbaijan was secluded from the world community a great sun of our nation brought the new moral spirit, wholeness and integrity to the country- beaten within an inch of its life, which was covered with bloodshed; as was not recovered from the January 20th tragedies and deprival yet, it was faced simultaneously with aggression launched by the Armenians armed groups from outside and the treacherous unfaith ness of some leaders from inside.  And it was also a matter of luck when a historical mission of returning Azerbaijan to Azerbaijan - the mission of Salvage took place namely not in the capital of Azerbaijan but in remote from Azerbaijan region– in Nakhchivan.   


        In spite of all treacherous actions of totalitarian regime and its unfaithful local associate Ayaz Mutallibov’s multilateral moral and physical pressings to stop the people from meeting with Heydar Aliyev at the airport, on June 20, 1990 Heydar Aliyev was able to arrive in Baku by plane, after two days of which he was already in Nakhchivan. At that time, as some newspapers wrote, it was not a mere Return to the provincial centre, but it was a return to the Motherland, it was a Return to a more active, continual, interminable and decisive politics.


      In 1990-1993, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was living through the period of extreme tensions and demands. At that period Nakhchivan underwent the waves of blow arisen around the problems of Garabagh, its borderline villages were invaded and robbed by the Armenians and it had lost its peace and order; this scene was reminding, “the island, abandoned by its own fate” (H.Aliyev). After the transport communication was closed with Azerbaijan, the republic started to live through the deep economic and political crises; the rifles which were the final hopes of the people were taken back from them and the folks were left vulnerable and exposed - they remained without any assistance in front of the Armenian military aggression and the this situation obliged Nakhchivan to make a decision to cease their membership within USSR; of course, this also caused a frustration and anger by the authorities of that period who were seeking a suitable opportunity to cut off  this part of Azerbaijan – Nakhchivan, as an “appendicitis”. A lucky fortune blessed this land from the disasters of occupation by sending Heydar Aliyev to this region and it saved the population from the existing dangers of refugee life. By saving this ancient part of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev also perpetuated himself in all over the entire Nakhchivan.      

Return of the great person, having played a decisive role in Azerbaijan history, to Nakhchivan, to the political power in Nakhchivan at the beginning as an ordinary Parliament Member and later as a Head of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic resulted in emergence of the path of independence starting from Nakhchivan and turning out to be the decisive steps for restoration of national statehood on all over Azerbaijan.  First time Azerbaijan’s three -color state flag was raised at the session of Nakhchivan parliament while Heydar Aliyev headed it. It was made a bravery step by removing the words of “Soviet Socialist” from the entire title of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic during this period, while the Former Soviet Community was still functioning. There were launched the most appropriate and necessary steps for the revival of national conscious. For the first time in its history, military and border troops of the Former Soviet Community while leaving Nakhchivan without any pre conditions left the entire military weapons, ammunitions and property in this region belonging to Russia, for the first time it was given a real political assessment to the tragic events of January 20 in the Parliament of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic; it was decided to declare this event as the all nation mourning day, it was decided to establish the Day of Solidarity and Unanimity with World Azerbaijanis’ and there were taken some  historical measures for implementation of the agrarian reforms.    


These years, the processes of restoration of national statehood were not only realized on the political surface. There were going the processes of establishment of economic models based on the new economic thinking and adapted to the new requirements of market economy. It was taken some essential measures for elimination of damages caused by blockade, for the establishment of economic and neighborly relations with Turkey and Iran. During a short period of time, it was constructed and put into service the new bridge called “Umid” (Hope) lying over Araz River. The new customs proceeding points - Sadarak, Julfa, Shahtaxti were opened and they started to function. Nearby Nakhchivan there was erected an Electrical Heating Station, was set the new high voltage electric lines connecting Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with Turkey and Iran.   


Shortly, these years of Heydar Aliyev’s activity in 1990-1993 passes through Nakhchivan’s political, economic and moral life as a red line. During this term, it was put an end to the continuing military attacks to the villages and regions in Nakhchivan situated a the borderline with Armenia, there was established a peace and order amongst the population, were taken all necessary measures to combat all efforts tending to political de-stability. Nakhchivan period of Heydar Aliyev’s political activity could serve as an exemplary ability for the fruitful cooperation of the leader with his people within the statehood experience.     


As people’s strength challenges Heydar Aliyev, his strength also bases on nation. “Nation- Heydar Aliyev”, “Heydar Aliyev-Nation” are the two inseparable notions.  Proof for this evidence goes back to the beginning of 1992. It overlaps with the period when the Pop front following the infamous policy of their predecessors were waging a campaign against Heydar Aliyev; these were years when the authorities of that period were not hiding their aims to liquidate the status of autonomy of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic established by the International Treaties, pursuing their personal bias to harm Heydar Aliyev. It was also not incidental when on October 24, 1992, by blessings of the Pop front, their military groupings based in Nakhchivan made their first attempt for coup d’etat. This attempt for the coup d’etat played a major role of experience in this sphere, but it could also be characterized by rise of a new political orientation - an apparent support of Heydar Aliyev by nation, by their will and strive to make solidarity with him. The innovation brought by Heydar Aliyev to the national statehood was lying on an alleged fact that the political power should base on the National will. There is not and can’t be possible any kind of leadership and state governance beyond these borders.  

But people do not support each power.    

The measures implemented by Heydar Aliyev during his power in Nakhchivan could serve as relief and salvage for Azerbaijan while he fought for the life and rescue of the Autonomous Republic during 1990-1993; at that time the Republic was living through the acute disagreements, chaos and confrontations; the republic was drawn to the edge of civic war and Azerbaijan was urged to be separated into different national provinces and governments.    

The establishment of Azerbaijan statehood has passed through some difficulties and hardships. The most exciting momentum along these crucial events occurring in the sociopolitical environment of Azerbaijan was closely connected with overlying threat of losing its state independence for which the nation had for a long term been dreaming. From the first glance, the dramatic processes of those days have not left any kind of alternatives for Azerbaijan people. But Time selected everything itself. A will of Nation overcame everything and the sovereign Azerbaijan found its salvage in Heydar Aliyev’s second Return to the political power, who was considered to be a famous political figure. It is also remarkable that Azerbaijan nation, whose fate is closely connected with this salvage mission, has included the date of July 15th 1993 into its history as a National Day of Salvage, when the indispensable leader of Azerbaijan, by the demands of people, returned to the political power. The historical time that Azerbaijan has passed through once again proved that the people made the correct decision and Heydar Aliyev was really the only leader and capable personality to overcome all these hardships and multitude of problems facing Azerbaijan and lead the country to salvage and freedom in the crucial for her terms.  Heydar Aliyev’s Return from Nakhchivan to Baku, to the active Political life serves as the honorary Saviour mission, which is called - RETURN TO AZERBAIJAN TO RETURN AZERBAIJAN. This mission is still in force and being continued by great farsightedness and wisdom.