Heydar Aliyev’s wise words about Nakhchivan.


Nakhchivan is my native land.

  1. When I see the positive changes the current environment and spirits here - in Nakhchivan city, I become very happy. I count that the authority of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is in the right way.
  1. You have proved that you are faithful to your land, people, and nation and to your holy Azerbaijan and you also witnessed the fact that I am also devoted to the Azerbaijan people, to Azerbaijan land and as well as to my native place Nakhchivan.
  1. Nakhchivan is the Autonomous Republic. It is also the structural part of Azerbaijan. The international treaties established this status and nobody could change it.
  1. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic’s Status is established in the Constitution, it is determined forever.
  1. Nakhchivan is an Autonomous Government included into the structure of the Azerbaijan Republic.
  1. I would like you, and as well as the Nakhchivanese residing outside Nakhchivan, carry the Nakhchivanese name in honor.
  1. I would like once again to express my endless love to my native land, Nakhchivan, the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan. You should know that I have always been faithful to you and I will be the same in the future.
  1. Long lives the ancient Nakhchivan land!
  1. The geographical situation of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic which is the constituent part of the Azerbaijan Republic is so that, protection the lands of our country and its borders from this province is highly important.
  1. Nakhchivanese arose and showed an exemplary heroism for protection of their lands.
  1. I can tell that, I regard the three years when I lived in Nakhchivan and worked with the people of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to be the most honorable and fruitful period in my life.
  1. I can neither forget the place where I was born, nor the three years of my works together with You in Nakhchivan, while we worked on resolution of Nakhchivan’s problems.
  1. While I remember the past years, it can be told that today Nakhchivan lives in a very good condition.
  1. I am very pleased that Nakhchivan is again a support in the path of independence of Azerbaijan.
  1. I bend my head in front of morally ethical, merited and honorable people.
  1. The holy Nakhchivan land is a dear place for me. I bend my head in front of this land.
  1. Nakhchivanese earned specific for them reputation.
  1. Don’t let the way to the people bringing bad reputation to Nakhchivan.
  1. Nakhchivan is not the same as it was in 1991-92-93. Nakhchivan is entirely another now. Nakhchivanese have earned this right. Nakhchivanese earned this right by their faith, tolerance, honor, bravery and moral.
  1. I would like to live here with you but life didn’t allow it. I left but my heart stayed here.
  1. Nakhchivan has a great and rich history. It gave the great contributions to the world and universal culture.
  1. Now there are built schools in Nakhchivan. In most places of Azerbaijan the schools are not built yet, but they are built in Nakhchivan. Now there are built hospitals in the Autonomous Republic. That means in comparison with other places the people of Nakhchivan who live in difficult condition deal with construction works, they put their labor, showing enthusiasm and patriotism.
  1. Nakhchivan lived and lives; Nakhchivan is not bent in blockade situation, it tolerated and it will live further on.
  1. There is always care and high respect for education, science and culture in Nakhchivan, and Nakhchivanese has always demonstrated their capabilities to the world.
  1. I wish and recommend Nakhchivan’s young people to build Nakhchivan, to construct it and to raise it to the higher horizons as the current generation, as us.
  1. I am pride of that I am chosen the honorable doctor of the universities of many countries having the rich history. But I am more pride of that I am a doctor of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic’s University named after Yusif Mammadaliyev.
  1. I got my primary education in Nakhchivan. My dear teachers gave me an education and put me in life. That is why Nakhchivan’s education and school is very expensive for me.
  1. Nakhchivan is an ancient place. According to the analysis of archeological findings we can tell that Nakhchivan is one of the ancient settlements in Azerbaijan.
  1. Recently there are going the construction works in Nakhchivan-there are built schools, hospitals and houses for living.
  1. Even in the hard for them times Nakhchivanese do not lose their spirits, they move their work forward construct and create.
  1. Nakhchivan has a great construction potential and in future Nakhchivan will use this potential more effectively.
  1. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is inseparable part of independent and sovereign Azerbaijan state; it is one of the beautiful places, circles of Azerbaijan.
  1. Nakhchivan is one of the ancient places of Azerbaijan; it is the part of Azerbaijan rich history and it is a land of Azerbaijan with 3500 years of history. This history is full with rich events. All these make a testimony to the fact that to what extend Nakhchivan is, was, and will be valuable for Azerbaijan.
  1. From the ancient times Nakhchivan has been one of the prestigious places of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, as well as Nakhchivan for centuries has undergone the attacks of foreign invaders and during these wars and battles there died a lot of people. For many times Nakhchivan had been burnt and turned into ash but, the people again rose from under ash and moved Nakhchivan forward.
  1. Nakhchivan has an ancient history of statehood. This is Azerbaijan’s statehood history.
  1. Nakhchivan is one of the Dada Gorgud centers of Azerbaijan. And the relics of “Kitabi Dada Gorgud” found in Nakhchivan once again shows that to what extent Nakhchivan is old and ancient in Azerbaijan history.
  1. During XIX-XX centuries Nakhchivan has always shown its great interest to education and culture. It has always developed its culture.
  1. Nakhchivan has been the place of many great thinkers, scientists and craftsmen.
  1. In Nakhchivan the people were getting a very high education. There were not many schools in Nakhchivan but the levels of the lessons taught and the degree of pupils’ grasp of the materials were very high.
  1. The lessons that I learned at Nakhchivan School as well as the lessons of mother language and literature together with others constitute the main part of my language in nowadays.
  1. It is not incidental that as it is now also ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago in Azerbaijan the specialists dealing with science, academicians, professors, university teachers or the people working at the Academy of Sciences, Scientific research institutes have started their life path from Nakhchivan.
  1. There are many beauties in Nakhchivan. Its nature comes first.
  1. The beauty of Nakhchivan nature is a symbol of pride.
  1. High level of national spirit, national conscious and esteem to Azeries belong to the specific features of Nakhchivan.
  1. I am pride of that as in all places of Azerbaijan; here I also see my works. My works are not poems, novels, scientific books, and musical volumes. My works are the buildings, palaces, and houses for living, university and school buildings, roads, bridges, water reservoirs and water pipes.
  1. We lived through such hardships but Nakhchivan was not belt. Nakhchivan didn’t turn out from its will. Nakhchivan lived and Nakhchivan came to these days.
  1. Nakhchivan took me into its bosom. It protected, kept me and I also protected them, kept them.
  1. Now Nakhchivan is in its developmental track.
  1. Nakhchivan’s autonomy has been the historical event. It has been the result of a big struggle in the difficult period.
  1. for us Gars treaty is an indispensable document for future provision of Nakhchivan’s wholeness, security, statehood and autonomous status.
  1. Achievement the autonomous status by Nakhchivan has also been the result of intensive struggles in a very hard and tense period.
  1. Nakhchivan’s attainment of autonomous status and its survival during 75 years are great events.
  1. The events of my ushering into the world, my growing up and getting an education in Nakhchivan are indispensable for me. The constructional activities carried by me in Nakhchivan during my leadership in Azerbaijan are also indispensable for me. But the most indispensable from all these for me is my life and work with You starting from 1990 up to 1993.
  1. It is naturally I am a person worshipping my Country. I have even not forgotten the names of my teachers who taught here 60 years ago.
  1. And at last I have got one more indispensable remembrance. In October 1992 here for the first time we faced with the attempt for coup d’etat. Yes the armed groups of pop front went and occupied the buildings of Ministry of Internal Affairs and television of Autonomous Republic and tried turn out Nakhchivan authority. At that period people for the first time didn’t protect Pop front, but they protected us.
  1. Nakhchivan people here have shown me a great respect, care, love and in the most difficult moments they have been helpful for me, they supported me, they have always been with me. That is why we worked, struggled and won.
  1. My heart is as full about Nakhchivan even if I speak much about it will not be sufficient.