“I will dedicate the remaining part… of my life to only and solely

 development of the Azerbaijan Republic as an independent state”

Heydar Aliyev

Azerbaijan people call his genius leader for help…

     In summer 1993, the economic, social and political situation in our country reached to its apogee. From one side the fact of occupation of our territories by the Armenians, a speedy increase of the number of internally displaced people and refugees and from another side the facts of closure of railway line with Russia, the mutual disintegration between the economic and government structures, a diffusion of chaos into all spheres of life, a struggle for power among the various political forces, started to aggravate the situation and deepen the already existing crisis.  The people living through such a situation should sooner or later say their final words, express their wills. 


In June Ganja events broke up as the last culmination. In such a hard time for independent Azerbaijan there were also killed the innocent people, there took place a brother blood shed. The country was driven to the edges of civilian war and there arose a threat of country’s separation into parts. In such a situation the country leadership was expected to take extreme measures by using all means and devices and try a restoration of stability in republic. But, in the real meaning of the word, as the power was paralyzed that was already impossible. From the other side, declaration of “Talish Migan Republic in the south”, Lezgin problems in the north and Kurdish problems in the west started to threaten Azerbaijan with more intensive separatism. That’s why, unable to withstand against the insisting demands of the people and after Abulfaz Aliyev’s repeated invitations Heydar Aliyev arrived in Baku.  At the meeting of Milli Mejlis held on June 15, 1993 Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev with majority votes was elected as the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic.   


 At that time the Armenian media was excitingly writing:


“Now Aliyev is in Baku and it is necessary to understand that in anyway he will create an order there”


“Heydar Aliyev’s being in Baku doesn’t mean he is in Nakhchivan”


“It will be difficult for the energetic, decisive and highly clever H. Aliyev, because within a moment it is difficult to turn out Pompey which is in ruins into the flower garden.”


“Now the reality is only one type: who will win in this meaningless war finally, that side will be obliged to reimburse in larger amount for this victory. Because H. Aliyev’s existence in Nakhchivan was more profitable for Armenia than his being in Baku.”




From June 17 to 18 at night without leaving any notes for the government authorities the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Abulfaz Aliyev left Baku and arrived at Kalaki village of Ordubad district. The situation in the republic was more aggravated with it.

Some members of Milli Mejlis were insisting on disabling Abulfaz Aliyev’s authorities of the Azerbaijan Republic’s President according to the article 120-7 of the Azerbaijan Republic’s Constitution. But wise and foresight politician H. Aliyev put forward more legitimate proposal: Let the people say their words. For it there should be conducted the All Nation Referendum.

So, there was created an opportunity for the people to express their will. On August 29, 1993 there took part a Republic Referendum.

In order to provide full transparency during the referendum processes by the invitation of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs were invited some observes from numerous countries. The official representatives of OSCE, Turkey, Greece and the collaborators of some embassies based in Baku and also a multitude of foreign journalists were attentively observing this crucial event happening in the life of our country. There participated 3.767.928 persons (i.e. 92.02 percent) in this election: out of this number 3.673.978 persons (i.e. 97.5 percent) showed their distrust to Abulfaz Aliyev by saying “no”. 

Everywhere the referendum was conducted in conformity with the requirements of the Azerbaijan Republic’s Law “On All Nation Elections (Referendum) of the Azerbaijan Republic” and the people voluntarily, freely and secretly expressed their will.

There was standing a difficult examination for Azerbaijan people: The Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic H. Aliyev’s candidacy for the presidential post was put forward. All speakers were evaluating him as a famous statesman having a high prestige on the international level and everybody was connecting their future hopes only with him.


It was the first time that Azerbaijan was visited by 35 observers from OSCE, the international Labor Organization, the Helsinki Group of Human Rights and as well as from the USA , Germany, Turkey, Iran, Russia and Kazakhstan. The election processes were enlightened by approximately 60 foreign journalists. The October 3, 1993 Presidential elections held in Azerbaijan had really become a historic event for our Republic. This event once again demonstrated the will and efforts of our people.  


Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev was elected the President of the Azerbaijan republic.